ALEA presents the new optimal purchasing simulator


AMV Soluciones presents the new Smart Purchasing Module, a 4.0 tool integrated into the ALEA system, specialized in the foundry industry.

This module optimizes the entire raw material supply process, analysing the best alternatives and offering objective and quantifiable criteria for negotiating with suppliers.

The Purchasing Module allows the user to simulate the optimal purchase taking into account different scenarios, both for production and market. In addition, the actual conditions, like current inventory, returns and ongoing scheduling, are considered by this module. In addition, the plant reality can be incorporated taking into account current inventory, returns and ongoing scheduling.

This way, all areas (purchasing, quality, processes, operations…) work integrated into ALEA, automatically sharing relevant information among them.

Besides obtaining cost reductions between 2% – 8% compared with traditional systems and solving supply problem situations in an agile and efficient manner, the Purchasing Module helps to quickly adapt to market changes, promoting an ideal innovative purchasing strategy.

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