AMV and its commitment to bringing new technologies and programming closer to women.


AMV Soluciones has sponsored the event Django Girls Vigo

Last Saturday, July 13, the University of Vigo, hosted the first edition held in Galicia of the popular programming event, Django Girls Vigo, focused on bringing the world of programming and new technologies to women.

Django Girls is a non-profit initiative that began 5 years ago, with the aim of encouraging women interested in technology and programming to take their first steps in this world. For this, Ola Sitarska and Ola Sendecka, the creators of the project, decided to use the Phyton language and more specifically the Django framework, as they are open source platforms.

After some success in countries all over the world, AMV Soluciones has been involved with the University of Vigo, Coca-Cola and Nirvaris Host to bring this workshop to the olive city.

The objective of the day was to learn the basic notions of development through the implementation of a blog and participants have taken full advantage of it, being a success of participation and leaving a good taste for future editions that will always have the support of AMV Soluciones as an entity committed to the development community and equal opportunities.

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