AMV Soluciones and CompuBee® Technologies Pvt. Ltd. takes part in FCON Pune 2016


Along with AMV Soluciones, CompuBee® Technologies Pvt. Ltd. demonstrates ALEA charge mixing software

In the seminar Mr. Alberto Montenegro Correa, the CEO of M/s. Asenjo – Montenegro Vigo Soluciones. SL, Spain presented a tech-mart paper “Software for the Optimization of Raw Materials in Casting: A Key to Quality and Competitiveness”

using their flagship product “ALEA – Charge Mixing Software”. After the presentation which was followed by the demo of ALEA, Mr. Alberto Montenegro Correa explained the importance of Charge Mixing Software to improve the quality of output chemistry while reducing the overall costs of the charge. This Charge Mixing Software also helps organizations to keep records to raw materials used, alloying elements added, expected chemical composition, actual chemical composition, etc. for each heat. This can also help the organizations in traceability. He also explained that this software solution uses leaner programming to achieve the charge mixing goals and considering this can offer the most optimal solution which can hardly be optimized further by any known technology.

Many foundry persons who attended the seminar lauded the solution and shown interest in this software to improve their quality while reducing the cost

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CompuBee®, which has been established in the year 2008 has been offering engineering consulting, chartered engineering and valuation service since 2011. Apart from engineering consulting services, CompuBee® also offers ERP and Management consulting services in India and abroad.
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About Asenjo – Montenegro Vigo Soluciones. SL, Spain

AMV SOLUCIONES was born in 2008 due to a passion for mathematics. Our commitment is to develop the best tools, to optimize the industrial production system by: reducing costs and time, rationalizing resources, improving processes and quality control. AMV headquarters are located in Spain and they are working worldwide. They have official distributors in Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Portugal, USA, South Africa and India.

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