BEYOND ALEA | The new standard in casting management

beyond alea


After all these years of trying to improve ourselves and help our customers in foundries, we decided to collaborate with our partners GHI Smart Furnaces and create BEYOND ALEA, the new standard in foundry management.

The only digital 4.0 platform that integrates the complete process of melting and alloying metals, from the purchase of raw materials and equipment to the quality control of the final product, providing complete traceability of all your materials through all your plant processes.

This new system offers you:

1- ALEA Charge Optimization

An optimal charge mix and an improvement in your chemical consistency.

2- ALEA IA based Programming

Scheduling of your whole process helping you reduce your lead time.

3- Optimal ALEA Purchasing

Reducing the cost of purchasing raw materials and improving the communication between teams.

4- ALEA Smart

Allows you to characterize and monitor your suppliers.

5- ALEA Inventory

Customized inventory management to date of articles (raw materials, additives…), warehouses, movements…

6- ALEA alloy management

More Accuracy in your recipes.

7- ALEA Melting Flow Monitoring

Real-time tracking of your process.

8- ALEA History

Your complete casting information comparing expected chemistry vs actual chemistry.

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