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AMV against racism

Together Against RACISM

On behalf of AMV, we want to condemn any kind of racist or xenophobic aggression or any other type of attack against a human being because of their condition. We strongly reject the attacks against the player Vinicius and against any other person who has been a victim of such deplorable acts as those that … Read more


Supercomputing | What do you know about supercomputing?

Supercomputing is the processing of large volumes of data and the solving of complex mathematical problems using special computers known as supercomputers. These are composed of interconnects, I/O systems, memory and processor cores. The main difference between conventional computers and supercomputers lies in computing power. upercomputers, thanks to their larger number of CPUs, allow computational … Read more

Redes neuronales

Neural Networks | What are they and how do they work?

Our brain is made up of millions of neurons that communicate through a process of electrical stimuli known as synapses. Artificial neural networks are models that allow us to simulate, in a simplified way, the processing of information in the way the human brain does in order to allow machines to make classifications and/or predictions. … Read more

sistema mes pronox


After understanding the difficulties that companies had to go through to be able to carry out an exhaustive and real time control of the production that they carry out on a daily basis, this new system was developed that allows you to control your plant from the palm of your hand. Track your production in … Read more


Steel consumption as an economic indicator | What do the global numbers tell us?

The state of a country’s economy is measured through variables known as macroeconomic indicators. They allow us to know the evolution of an economy over time and to infer future behaviour. In turn, there are direct and inverse correlations between these indicators.   For example, the higher the GDP (Gross Domestic Product) per capita, the … Read more

Modulo compras

Intelligent Purchasing | The Foundry of the Future

Rising raw material prices, shortages and the difficulty of finding the necessary materials are negatively affecting companies in the foundry sector. Classical purchasing strategies do not benefit from Smart Purchasing Tools 4.0, which optimise the entire process, analysing the best alternatives and offering objective criteria for negotiating with suppliers. In addition to obtaining cost reductions … Read more

Digital twin

Digital Twins | The virtual reflection of our production.

Production is an activity that is characterised by trial and error until we find the recipe that comes closest to our objectives. Trial and error provides us with experience, but in some cases, at high costs that can lead to a certain decrease in productivity as they consume resources. Therefore, the dilemma is to find … Read more


FUNDINGS | Bonos de Innovación GAIN

ASENJO MONTENEGRO VIGO SOLUCIONES, S.L. was a beneficiary of the “Bonos de Innovación”, whose objective is to help micro-enterprises and SMEs that perform innovation activities that can be carried out immediately through the hiring of professional services external to the innovation agents to achieve a qualitative and quantitative leap in their R+D+i activity in the … Read more

fundiexpo mexico

Talks: «Intelligent purchasing» and «Machine Learning applied to the improvement of residuals control».

This week, at FUNDIEXPO 2022, two presentations will be given by the AMV Soluciones team. Do you want all the details? Keep reading!   📅 Talk: Intelligent purchasing 📅 Talk: Machine Learning applied to in the foundry of the future. the improvement of residuals control. ⌚️ Date: 29th September, ⌚️ Date: 30th September, at 17:00h, … Read more

fundiexpo 2022


FUNDIEXPO 2022 From 28th-30th of September, in Monterrey, México. This year we’ll see each other again once more in México, where you’ll be able to check on the latest innovations in optimization, automation, planification and plant control: ALEA and PRONOX4CAST. Come and greet us, we will do a free ROI study and a personalized test … Read more



ALUMINIUM . 2022 From 27th-29th September, in Düsseldorf, Germany, This year we’ll see each other again in Germany, and once again we’ll bring you the latests innovations in optimization, planification, automation and plant control, together with a great novelty: the digital twin, with BEYOND ALEA. Come and greet us, we will do a free ROI … Read more

Energy Transition

ENERGY | Energy Transition: How can we reduce the effects of climate change?

Climate change is a problem that affects humanity as a whole. In the short term, some to a greater extent than others, but in the long term, all to a similar extent. If we look at the different causes of climate change, we can infer that the main one is the greenhouse effect, i.e. the … Read more

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