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afs metalcasting congress 2024

MetalCasting Congress 2024

MetalCasting Congress 2024 | AMV Soluciones Optimize your foundry to increase quality and reduce costswith state-of-the-art optimisation software from AMV Soluciones for Foundry Visit us at MetalCasting Congress 2024 Booth 250 Start to optimise your foundry Schedule a meeting with our CEO and find out how we can help you optimise your foundry processes. Discover … Read more

AMV Soluciones

Recognition for innovation

We would like to thank the Axencia Galega de Innovación (GAIN) for supporting AMV Soluciones as an innovative company. We share with you our satisfaction for this recognition and we reiterate our commitment to innovation in strategic sectors such as foundry. You can read the full article here and watch the video here.

We return gratefully from China

We returned grateful for the recent visit to our customers Baettr and Anhui Yingliu Group. Their choice for optimisation and automation demonstrates their commitment to operational efficiency and the cutting edge of Industry 4.0. Honoured by their trust and proud to be part of their journey towards global innovation, together towards progress!

Eventos 2024

Events 2024

This 2024 we will be at: EXPOACERO – Mexico, CAST EXPO – USA, FENAF- Brazil, ALUMINIUM – Germany and FUNDIEXPO – Mexico, among others. During these meetings we will present our latest innovations, focused on the optimisation and automation of foundries plants. We look forward to the opportunity to share knowledge and explore strategic collaborations. … Read more

alea software

“Industry Trends: AMV Soluciones’ outlook for 2024”: interview with our CEO, Alberto Montenegro

We are pleased to share the interview “Industry Trends: AMV Solutions’ Perspectives for 2024” with our CEO, Alberto Montenegro Correa, in the digital magazine Easy Engineering. In it, he delves into the innovative approaches that are shaping the future of our industry and the innovations that AMV plans to implement in 2024. We share it … Read more

World Cybersecurity Day

World Cybersecurity Day: Strengthening our digital defences

On World Cybersecurity Day, in an increasingly digitised business world, we focus our attention on safeguarding our digital assets. Cybersecurity becomes a fundamental pillar to preserve integrity and confidentiality. It is worth noting that more than half of all attacks on a corporation come from user workstations. Offering security training to employees is beneficial to … Read more

Carbon Footprint

Reducing the Carbon Footprint in the Foundry Industry

The carbon footprint, which measures the amount of greenhouse gases (GHG) produced by our activities, is a crucial indicator in the fight against climate change. In an effort to address this issue, the foundry industry is taking significant steps to reduce its environmental impact and contribute to a cleaner, more sustainable economy. The foundry industry … Read more

AMV Soluciones y el cambio climatico

Caring for the world is caring for the future

On the International Day against Climate Change we consider some effective measures that can be adopted to minimise the environmental impact of the metallurgical industry: Energy Efficiency: Optimise processes, reducing energy consumption, and promote and use other new energies such as hydrogen to replace more polluting fuels, thus reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Circular Economy: Promote … Read more

European Regional Development Fund “A way of making Europe”

Proud to report that the SMART module will be released to the market (the result of the latest R&D project that we started in October 2020 at AMV), an aid in the characterization of scrap metal using Machine Learning for all types of foundries, steel mills and recyclers. The SMART module (BA-Master) from Beyond ALEA … Read more

GAIM 2023 Innovation Bonus Help

AMV SOLUTIONS INNOVATION BONUS (038) To promote technological development, innovation and research of quality. This operation is financed by the Xunta de Galicia, through the aid granted by the Galician Innovation Agency, within the aid program for the Bonos company of innovation 2023.

AMV against racism

Together Against RACISM

On behalf of AMV, we want to condemn any kind of racist or xenophobic aggression or any other type of attack against a human being because of their condition. We strongly reject the attacks against the player Vinicius and against any other person who has been a victim of such deplorable acts as those that … Read more


Supercomputing | What do you know about supercomputing?

Supercomputing is the processing of large volumes of data and the solving of complex mathematical problems using special computers known as supercomputers. These are composed of interconnects, I/O systems, memory and processor cores. The main difference between conventional computers and supercomputers lies in computing power. upercomputers, thanks to their larger number of CPUs, allow computational … Read more

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