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Copper Black Market

Copper Black Market | How does it work and what are its negative effects?

Copper is a metal that is present in the daily life of all of us. It is mainly characterised by its ability to be a great electrical conductor. It is used in the telephone, automotive, electrical, chemical and many other industries. Our telephones, the street lamps we walk past and the train wires we ride … Read more

Ecological Imbalance

Ecological Imbalance | What can companies do to reduce the negative impact on the environment?

Our planet is made up of various components that create a useful balance for the development of life for all types of organisms. Equilibrium involves stability between living beings and the environment, but humans have adopted a production model that involves the massive consumption of natural resources. Consequently, it is possible to perceive a disturbance … Read more

Artificial Intelligence

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE | What is machine learning?

Artificial intelligence consists of a set of algorithms that aim to enable machines to carry out human intelligence tasks. It is clear that machines were capable of performing complex calculations and storing information in memory, but there are tasks of a human nature that they were not capable of performing. For example, machines originally had … Read more

Metal Recycling

METAL RECYCLING | Did you know that producing with recycled metals instead of virgin metals can save you up to 90% on energy?

The XX and XXI centuries brought with them a great deal of technological advances that allowed production costs to fall, leading to an increase in production. Both technological improvements and the expansion of production lead to the creation of new jobs and an increase in social welfare. However, not everything is perfect. The set of … Read more


FOUNDRIES | Is it possible to increase production using the same amount of energy?

The ultimate goal of any company is to offer a competitive product thich is perceived to have the best value for money. Companies have two ways to increase their chances of achieving this. On the one hand, by increasing their quality and/or, on the other hand, by decreasing price. There is no doubt that price … Read more

Circular Economy

CIRCULAR ECONOMY | Producing taking care of the enviroment

Throughout history, the production model on which society has developed is the one known as linear economy, which consists of four stages: extract, produce, consume and discard. Therefore, when we speak of linear economy, we are referring to a cycle in which the value of what is produced is lost after consumption. The main problem … Read more

Pronox4Cast Logo

PRONOX4CAST | Comprehensive Control for Foundry Productions

After years of experience spotting and listening to the necessities of all kinds of foundries, working side by side with the metallurgical industry, AMV launches our new product for total control of the production process in foundries, PRONOX4CAST. This new integral oslution is capable of managing the whole manufacturing process, optimizing time, energy and raw … Read more

FundiExpo Webinar: «Optimization of metal flow in ferrous and non-ferrous alloys»

Webinar: “Optimization of metal flow in ferrous and non-ferrous alloys” Tuesday, March 22 18:00 (Mexican time) / 01:00 (Spanish time) Our CEO Alberto Montenegro will be the speaker at the technical talk organized by FundiExpo 2022, the most important event of the foundry industry in Mexico, where case studies of melt flow in aluminum, steel … Read more

ALEA presents the new optimal purchasing simulator

AMV Soluciones presents the new Smart Purchasing Module, a 4.0 tool integrated into the ALEA system, specialized in the foundry industry. This module optimizes the entire raw material supply process, analysing the best alternatives and offering objective and quantifiable criteria for negotiating with suppliers. The Purchasing Module allows the user to simulate the optimal purchase … Read more

Merry Christmas from all the AMV Soluciones team!

Our team wishes you Happy Holidays and Happy 2022! For AMV it has been a year full of changes. We are in a moment of great growth and we do not want to lose the closeness that characterizes us. From our headquarters in Vigo, we would like to personally wish you happy holidays and a … Read more

AMV Soluciones participates in ALUMÉXICO 2021

AMV Soluciones attended ALUMÉXICO 2021, the largest Aluminum event in Mexico, organized by IMEDAL. We were presenting our digital platform BeyondAlea with our partners GHI and GECSA. Our CEO – Alberto Montenegro Correa – delivered his lecture “Technology 4.0: Optimizing Metal Flow in Aluminum Recycling” at ALUMÉXICO 2021, along with other leaders in the aluminum … Read more

ARDAN 2021 Certificate

AMV Soluciones awarded with the ARDAN Indicator Gazelle Company 2021

Our company has obtained the Ardan 2021 Indicator for achieving a high and constant growth rate for 3 consecutive years.

El resultado de trabajar día a día con pasión por y para nuestros clientes, es este reconocimiento empresarial brindado por el Consorcio de la Zona Franca Vigo, a quien estamos muy agradecidos por incentivar a las empresas gallegas a seguir mejorando.

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