GIFA 2023

Discover the Innovations in Software for Foundries at the GIFA Trade Fair.

From June 12th to June 16th, 2023, Dusseldorf will become the epicenter of the foundry industry with the highly anticipated 15th edition of GIFA. This globally renowned trade fair brings together the key players of the industry to showcase the latest innovations and trends in the sector. At GIFA, you will find a wide range of exhibitors showcasing advancements in sustainability, digitalization, circular economy, and new production technologies. If you are a passionate professional in the foundry industry and seeking to discover the latest advancements in software for foundries, you cannot miss this event!

GIFA 2023: A Stage for Innovation in Foundry

GIFA has earned the reputation of being the premier meeting place for experts and professionals in the foundry industry. During five intense days, the trade fair will witness the presentation of the most cutting-edge technologies, innovative products, and revolutionary solutions. This year’s edition will place a strong emphasis on software for foundries, a key component for enhancing efficiency and productivity in the casting process.

Sustainability, digitalization, circular economy, and new production technologies

In a world where sustainability has become essential, GIFA 2023 will focus on solutions that allow for the reduction of the environmental impact of the foundry industry. Exhibitors will showcase technologies and processes that promote cleaner and more efficient production, optimizing energy consumption and reducing waste.

Digitalization will be another central theme at the fair. Advancements in software for foundries are transforming the way production processes are managed. From design and simulation of parts to real-time monitoring and data analysis, digitalization is enabling greater accuracy and efficiency in the foundry process.

Circular economy will also take a prominent place at GIFA 2023. Exhibitors will demonstrate how material reuse and the implementation of circular practices can contribute to a more sustainable and profitable industry.

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As a leading provider of software for foundries such as ALEA, AMV Soluciones cannot wait to showcase our latest innovations at GIFA 2023. We invite you to visit our booth and discover how our solutions can help you optimize your production processes, improve product quality, and achieve greater operational efficiency.

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