Optimization of the foundry at the plant level

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ALEA optimizes time, materials and production costs for all types of alloys

Complete control of the melt flow from raw material purchase to final casting

Find out how much you can save in your foundry with ALEA


ALEA optimizes loads for a complete casting program, including ongoing inventory, purchase orders and recirculating forecast.

Multi-furnace /

Adaptable to any scheme (melters, casting machines, maintainers, ladles…), simulating bath feet and contaminations in alloy changes.

Multi-profile /

Interface adapted to each profile (purchasing, casting, laboratory…). Each user identifies quickly and intuitively the information.

Control of chemical variability

ALEA eliminates rejections and minimizes chemical adjustments taking into account composition variability.

Integrated with the entire plant

ALEA communicates with any device (spectrometers, weighing scale, loading systems…) and system (ERP, MRP, MES…) automating data capture and eliminating human errors.

We automate data capture and apply Artificial Intelligence to achieve maximum excellence


With the confidence of our company’s expertise in industrial software development


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