Pronox is an advanced software for manufacturing resource planning:

  • Managing the available resources
  • Taking into account the contingencies
  • Optimizing work sequences to meet production targets

Flexible, reliable and versatile, this tool brings the benefits needed to increase the company’s competitive edge:

  • Giving you complete confidence when finalizing deadline dates with clients
  • Allowing the client to see the projected budget savings
  • Helping the company to plan ahead and be ready to meet the needs of future growth opportunities


Production control in real time.

Increased accuracy in promises of delivery dates.

Integrated and synchronized planning with ERP

Pronox synchronization with ERP increases production capacity, as this integration allows monitoring of manufacturing in real time, as well as detecting incidents and reprogramming new manufacturing orders, whether the capacity of the lines changes or manual changes in programming are made.

Intuitive, Configurable, Efficient

To facilitate the tasks of consultation and programming, Pronox has an intuitive graphical interface based on a system of configurable panels and color codes that allow you to quickly identify the information. To complete its effectiveness, Pronox provides the ability to generate printable reports of manufacturing and work in progress.

Adapted to work in different environments, the application is available on mobile devices: tablets and smartphones

PRONOX allows you

  • Reduce manufacturing costs, between 8% and 15%.
  • Implement your own custom planning method, according to your resources, applying all the algorithms needed.
  • Manage the short, medium and long term.
  • Find limiting resources and surpluses quickly and anticipate recruitment needs or machinery and equipment purchases.
  • Be aware of work in progress in real time, globally, by resource and by fabrication phase.
  • React in the event of any production incident.
  • Anticipate raw materials needs according to the planning.
  • Update in real time the expected completion dates of orders and phases according to the production progress and incidences (rejections, failures, workers on leave…)


AMV offers training sessions, unlimited time and in the customer’s language (Training provided by remote control, phone or Skype, Monday to Friday except holidays, during business hours).

Technical support

Our technical department will solve any problem in the application operation by remote control. (Unlimited time, Monday to Friday except holidays, during business hours)

Software update

We offer from the initial stage of software implementation, advisory services and updates that are maintained over time. In addition, you can customize your version of PRONOX by developing modules and custom reports.