sistema mes pronox


After understanding the difficulties that companies had to go through to be able to carry out an exhaustive and real time control of the production that they carry out on a daily basis, this new system was developed that allows you to control your plant from the palm of your hand. Track your production in real time and get to:

  1. I. Control the capacity and availability of your resources.
  2. II. Identify your bottlenecks.
  3. III. Control your delivery margins or possible delays.
  4. IV. Prioritise sequences.

Using Machine Learning techniques and continuous improvement, its predictions will become more and more accurate, adapting to your company in a specific way, improving your process times, your energy costs and your expenditure on materials. The use of this MES system brings you, among other benefits:

  • Minimisation of rejects.
  • Savings in raw materials.
  • Elimination of calculation errors.
  • Control of your resources.
  • Total traceability.


If you want to find out more, do not hesitate to ask for a demo.

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