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After years of experience spotting and listening to the necessities of all kinds of foundries, working side by side with the metallurgical industry, AMV launches our new product for total control of the production process in foundries, PRONOX4CAST.

This new integral oslution is capable of managing the whole manufacturing process, optimizing time, energy and raw materials, producing alloys and first class pieces with minimal costs, maximizing productivity and rentability in your plant.

PRONOX4CAST, through multiplatform tech, artificial intelligence and optimized programming, allows you to:

  1. Program and plan in an automated way every manufacturing order, being it flexible and adapted to each plant’s process.
  2. Process your data in real time, both from your devices and your operators.
  3. Control and manage all facets of production through indicators that help make operating and maintenance decisions in advance.

PRONOX4CAST features artificial intelligence algorithms, that help you calculate and adjust every stage of your production process, your stock and your delivery logistic, optimizing your resources and controlling every step, with the aim of achieving maximum capacity and productivity.

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