With a focus on innovation and research, there are numerous AMV partnerships in projects with technology centers and companies from different countries.

AMV has been recognized since 2015 with the Eureka label for European research projects, for its R & D project: S4 Foundries

S4 Foundries is a new prototype solidification simulation for modernization of the foundry industry, endorsed by the CDTI (Center for Industrial Technology Development) Specializing in gray, nodular and white iron that is being developed in collaboration with METAL CASTING TECHNOLOGY STATION of the University of Johanesbourg for the African continent and in collaboration with the rest of the world with VEIGALAN / AZTERLAN

Sand4Cast: A prediction and performance control tool for chemically bonded sands.

One of the main causes for rejecting castings produced using chemically bonded moulds/sand cores is the appearance of defects due to the poor properties of the mould/core itself. Problems such as grain, metal penetration, excessive surface roughness or carbon capture can cause parts with good metal properties to be rejected.

While analytical tools (e.g. casting simulations for the metal solidification process) for the metal casting industry have evolved significantly in recent decades, there is no tool to predict and monitor the performance of chemically bonded sand moulds. Therefore, the goal of this project is to develop a software application capable of predicting and controlling the quality of any chemically bonded sand system.

The success of this project will come from a strong collaboration between Western Michigan University (WMU) and AMV Soluciones. WMU researchers are experienced in evaluating the properties and performance of foundry sand; reflected in their numerous patents, publications and ongoing participation in the world’s most important conferences in this field. AMV Soluciones has experience in the development of analytical software, specifically for the foundry industry.