Together Against RACISM

AMV against racism


On behalf of AMV, we want to condemn any kind of racist or xenophobic aggression or any other type of attack against a human being because of their condition. We strongly reject the attacks against the player Vinicius and against any other person who has been a victim of such deplorable acts as those that took place in Valencia last weekend.

People who commit these acts are characterized by their lack of culture, humanity and ability to coexist. They do not represent anyone. They should also know that the vast majority rejects these actions, that they have no place in any democratic society, neither in Spain nor in any other.

We know that actions have already been taken and sanctions have been imposed for these acts. Not only the institutions, the whole society must adopt a position of zero tolerance against individuals, groups or institutions that attack in any way the condition of each person, forcefully, without exceptions. Without forgetting the educational system, which from the earliest ages must transmit values of coexistence and respect for others.

We believe in the human condition above everything else. Today, we are all with Vinicius, with Brazil, and with all the people who suffer or have suffered aggressions of this nature.

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