Caring for the world is caring for the future

AMV Soluciones y el cambio climatico


On the International Day against Climate Change we consider some effective measures that can be adopted to minimise the environmental impact of the metallurgical industry:

Energy Efficiency: Optimise processes, reducing energy consumption, and promote and use other new energies such as hydrogen to replace more polluting fuels, thus reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Circular Economy: Promote the circular economy to reduce the consumption of virgin raw materials and the production of waste. Better use of scrap and second-melt materials. Minimise the carbon footprint of production.

At AMV we help the foundry industry to achieve sustainability with systems such as ALEA,

  • Better use of raw materials
  • Reduction of casting adjustments and energy costs.
  • Process automation
  • Control of the carbon footprint to reduce its impact

Adopting solutions such as Alea can help to meet sustainability goals and reduce the impact on the environment in the foundry industry.

Caring for the world is caring for the future.

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